Welcome to Thoughtful Thursdays!

Posted on November 19, 2020 by Rev. Pam Reidy under Inspiration

While 2020 has certainly been a challenging year, it has offered the opportunity to reflect, refocus and reshape our lives.  Perhaps we are spending more time with those we love, maybe our calendar is a bit lighter giving us more time to check in with friends and family.  Possibly we have come to realize that we can live without so many things, or maybe the drama over trivial matters has finally ceased. Whatever the individual changes, 2020 has given us a chance to get acquainted with our inner strength and wisdom. Because it has been such a thought-provoking year, we think it is the perfect time to start a blog.

In keeping with the Miles tradition to “honor and celebrate lives”, Thoughtful Thursdays will muse on topics that help us cherish life, including themes like love, challenge, gratitude, hope, adventure, discovery, and blessings. The Miles blog is written for a general audience understanding that whether you are a professional, colleague, a consumer of our funeral homes, or someone we have yet to meet, we share a common journey and can all benefit from a few insightful words.

As the author of Thoughtful Thursdays, I endeavor to share from my heart the ways of wisdom received over the years through life, study, and rich experiences that were sometimes painful, other times joyful.  I am not an expert at life, I am quite ordinary. I have a deep curiosity about the world and people, and a passion to write. As a minister, I relish in examining the natural and spiritual laws of the universe, knowing these are most readily revealed in the everyday events of our lives.  Readers can learn more about me on the staff page of the Miles Funeral Homes.

Each blog will end with a speck of wisdom in the form of a quote to nourish the one, precious life that is yours.  Unless otherwise attributed all words and photos on the blog are mine.

“My own feeling is that there’s a body wisdom that our skin, our muscles, our nerve fibers possess, and we need to activate that wisdom to gain courage and transform our lives.”
— Miryam Glazer in No Enemies Within by Dawna Markova



4 Responses to Welcome to Thoughtful Thursdays!

  1. Avatar Kathaleen Wilson says:

    Thank you Pam and Miles Funeral Home.
    It is truly nice to read uplifting words.
    Authenticity real and diverse.
    Yes we are here and yes it’s good.
    To pass on wisdom that has been learned.

  2. Avatar Jennifer Anderson says:

    Looking forward to your Thursday thoughts and always appreciate your wise words. ❤️

  3. Avatar Mariette Facques says:

    Looking forward to your Thursday blogs, Pam. I always enjoy your meditations and prayers.

  4. Avatar Deborah McCarthy says:

    There is no time like the present to reach out to one another and share, experiences of life that is lived along with love & support. Looking forward to Thoughtful Thursdays.

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