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Posted on November 26, 2020 by Rev. Pam Reidy under Inspiration
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When I was about two years old, having mastered the two most important words, “Mommy” and “Daddy”, I set about practicing the next two, “Please and Thank You”.  The magic of the word “please” was limitless, as it could quite easily get me what I wanted. It would take many more years for me to understand the power behind the words, “thank you”.  By the age of five, much to my annoyance, I had acquired the tedious tradition of writing thank you notes for every gift received, even to grandparents, aunts, and uncles. But it was this habit that ultimately taught me the inherent capacity of gratitude to heal and give hope.

Hopeful, healing emotions companion gratitude. Saying thank you acknowledges a blessing received, reminds us of the lovingkindness of others, renews our spirit, and reveals a connection to the good. Whether it is a physical gift, a genuine kindness, or an amazing friendship for which we are grateful, expressing gratitude opens and connects us to something outside ourselves, raises our mood, and gives us an optimistic outlook. Simply put, when we are grateful, we are happier.

Every gift acknowledged shows yet another blessing for which to be appreciative, and while we are not in the habit of writing thank you notes to Mother Earth for the water she gives or the change of seasons that balance our air, we probably should be, because these are simple, but necessary blessings given us every day. If we quiet our mind to allow our heart to examine the simple blessings of life, gratification draws near to wash away and heal life’s small irritations. Moreover, the habitual practice of quiet appreciation nurses many unresolved things, giving comfort to our most intense sufferings.

There is a lot of talk recently about having an “attitude of gratitude” and indeed these have been some of the hardest days to practice this virtue. As we celebrate Thanksgiving with fewer friends and family at the table, we should make the time for a journey to our heart where the precious memories of our loved ones, living and deceased, reside. Blessings are by nature eternal.

Speaking of our many blessings, Miles Funeral Homes received the “Best Funeral Home” award last week at the 2020 Best of Central Mass virtual celebration. It humbles, gratifies, and honors us that the Greater Worcester community recognizes the eminent quality of our work as we strive to provide healing and hope to people experiencing their most difficult days. We are grateful to all who help us create meaningful experiences for them. All of us at the Miles Funeral Homes wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. May you have much to be grateful for and may you be thankful, grateful, and blessed!

“keep something beautiful in your heart

to survive difficult times and enjoy good times.”

~ john O’Donohue

Mother Nature’s Handiwork



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