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Posted on October 20, 2022 by Rev. Pam Reidy under children and death
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November is Children’s Grief Awareness Month, and since most of us are connected to children through family, neighborhood or profession, I hope you take time this month to learn more about children’s grief. Whether children experience the death of a person, loss of family through divorce, the loss of a school friend, their health, or a beloved pet, children grieve as deeply as adults do. Their grief is complicated by a lack of worldly experience, so it falls to us to help them grieve well. Children’s Grief Awareness Month is a good time to sharpen our skills, gain new perspectives and help children learn about and manage loss.

Established by Highmark Caring Place in 2008, the international observance of Children’s Grief Awareness Day is observed on the third Thursday in November, the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Children’s Grief Awareness Day seeks to bring attention to the fact that often support can make all the difference in the life of a grieving child. It provides an opportunity for all of us to raise awareness of the painful impact that the death of a loved one has in the life of a child, an opportunity to make sure that these children receive the support they need. In 2022, Children’s Grief Awareness Day is Thursday, November 17.  




Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are is the delightful story of a boy who notices a star following him and begins a conversation with his mom as they ride in the car.  Mom takes the opportunity to have a chat about those who have passed away and now watch over him. The book is short, beautifully illustrated, and includes a page for child readers to record the names and/or memories of those who have died and now watch over them.

Hope Lives Here, a local organization in Holden that supports grieving individuals was begun by Patty Inward following the death of her son. Their mission is to offer a place of comfort that connects people struggling with loss. Mile’s Funeral Home has forged a collaboration with them and is participating in their special event to commemorate Children’s Grief Awareness Month. This  family friendly event is November 3rd at Tahanto Regional High School and includes a live reading of Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are, by author Jody Meltzer, a book signing, a craft activity for children and a Q & A panel for adults.

If you have been looking for a way to begin the conversation with your child about death and loss, this  event is for you and them! After the book reading, the children will enjoy a craft activity with the illustrator of the book, Jody King Camarra, and Boylston art teacher Lauren Kuppens. I will be participating in the Q&A for adults with author Jody Meltzer, and Licensed School Psychologist, Robin Milaszewski.

The event is free! Register here: https://www.hlhgrief.org

Children are children first. They receive information in small doses, creating a concrete picture in their minds as they hear things. Their outward signs of grief are very different than adults.  If your child is grieving a loss, there are many resources to help.  Feel free to contact me at for more information at [email protected].

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A Night With Author JM













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